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Taipeitimes /Forum hears DPP threatens Ma

WORK STILL TO DO:One commentator said that an undercurrent of change was detectable following Saturday’s elections and the president may be feeling uneasy


President Ma Ying-jeou’s (馬英九) administration and Beijing must not ignore the rising political clout of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) following Saturday’s special municipality elections, political observers attending an international forum on Saturday’s poll said in Taipei yesterday.


Institute for National Development executive director Leou Chia-feng (柳嘉峰) said the DPP’s power is “definitely growing.”


“The Taipei Times said in today’s edition that voters confirm the status quo. It is true, but there is also an undercurrent change going on,” he said in English.


Despite the KMT’s success in the north — Taipei and Sinbei (the new name for Taipei County after its upgrade next month) — and Greater Taichung, Leou said the DPP secured nearly 50 percent of the vote and 400,000 more ballots than the KMT, making Ma uneasy about his re-election bid.


“Although Ma will maintain his open policy with China, I think neither Ma Ying-jeou nor Beijing can ignore the DPP’s power because of the election result,” he said. “I think that some cautious tone will be added to Ma’s China policy. Actually, before the elections Ma already said that the current speed is quite adequate and he doesn’t want it to go any faster. With the 2012 election coming, he would be more cautious. I don’t expect anything surprising action from Ma’s government.”


Lai I-chung (賴怡忠), an executive board member of the Taiwan Thinktank, said two scenarios are possible following Saturday’s elections.



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